IMG_0702At ACT for Social Justice, our Social Justice Advocates and Organizers offer sliding-scale support to people looking to address issues related to injustice:

  • bullying and harassment
  • racial profiling
  • racial discrimination on the job
  • eviction and housing discrimination
  • lack of accessibility at the workplace or school
  • and more

There are many reasons you might need an Advocate in your life. We are here to listen, to identify root causes of the problem, to guide you in envisioning what you want to happen, and to support you in taking the action steps that will bring about positive change in your life. We are here to be the strength you need to get through a difficult life situation.

You have POWER – we will work with you to access it.  Let’s Get Started!


Through Advocacy you will gain skills & tools such as:

  • understanding where injustice comes from and why it is appearing in your life,
  • developing and following through with a plan,
  • confidence,
  • relationship building,
  • public speaking, and
  • creating systemic change.

DaretoBePowerful_RicardoLevinsMoralesAn example of the advocacy process:
Your son is a 6th grade student of color who has typically had good grades and hasn’t been in trouble. However, this year his grades have fallen and he is sent to the principals office at least once a week. He says that his teacher picks on him. You have tried to talk with his teacher, but haven’t had a good response. You aren’t sure what to do next. When you start working with ACT for Social Justice advocates we will first start with a conversation about what is happening and what you would like to see happen. We will come up with a plan for how to make that happen, which might include calling a meeting with the teacher, the principal, the school counselor. We will identify resources that can help support you in your process. And we will talk about where you would like the support of ACT for Social Justice advocates. We will stick with you through the whole process.

Cost: Pay only what you can for our services (including legal services). For some people it might be $0, and for others it might be $20/hour. Work trade is appreciated.

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