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Many groups find it challenging to connect their vision for social justice and equity with implementation in their work environment. ACT for Social Justice consultants and facilitators will work with you to assess where you are, identify challenges, find solutions and strategies, and then take action. We welcome difficult conversations about “elephant-in-the-room” issues such as power and privilege. And we work with you to uncover oppression because of race, class, gender, ability, and religion.


Our consulting services offer a process of listening, learning, connecting, and making change. We work with you to develop a consulting process that would be most effective for your group. The process might include meeting with various stakeholders, a series of workshops to better understand the issues you are facing, an assessment of social justice issues, and a strategic plan for making necessary change. ACT for Social Justice consultants provide extensive support through phone calls, emails, research, and resources.

Trainings and workshops are an excellent way for everyone to gain a common understanding of social justice challenges & strengths, learn from each others’ experiences, and to gain skills for making change. The change process looks different for each group. For some it might mean two half-day workshops with staff and board members, and for others it might be meeting periodically over the course of a year.

Our trainers draw from popular education strategies which recognize personal experience as connected to societal problems. The learning process starts with identifying and describing everyone’s own personal experience. A debriefing process allows us to analyze our situation together; seeing links between our own experience and historical and global processes in order to get the “big picture”. Through the generation of this new knowledge, we’re able to reflect more profoundly about ourselves and how we fit into the world. The insights and understanding gained through this process prepare us to actively work towards social change.

Examples of workshops and trainings that can be adapted to the needs of your group:

  • Organizational Equity Assessment
  • Understanding Root Causes of Poverty
  • Class Part 1 & 2
  • Working for Racial Justice
  • Community Connections: Building Community Across Divisions
  • Being an Ally
  • Cross-Class Dialogue
  • Equitable Leadership Structure

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