Parenting for Social Justice

Children are our future!

And children are today!

Parenting for Social Justice provides connection, inspiration, and resources for families who are looking to bring Social Justice into their families and their communities.

The ways we do this is through:

The Blog – we post about current events, conversations with our kids, social justice topics, our successes, our failures.

Parenting for Social Justice Chats – We have been gathering parents to talk about what we can do about racism, and how we can work towards economic justice in our families and communities. To put on these events we have partnered with local libraries, who provide the space, and commit to increasing the social justice books in their collection. The chats have been really successful and we are starting to expand. If you would like to bring these chats to your community please be in touch. Email us at to find out about the different support options we offer (which include publicity, fundraising, facilitation, agenda templates, resources lists, and more!).

The Family Solidarity Action Network – this is an action group which has developed out of the P4SJ chats in Putney, VT. Families are working together to bring social justice into their community, their schools, and around the nation and world. This is a way to share resources and actions. The group is having social gatherings 4 times a year. They are creating a childcare collective. They are working to make social justice rallies and events more family friendly.

a Social Justice Books for Kids page which is continually being updated.

and a Resources page which is continually being updated.

We’d love to hear from you!